Saturday, May 21, 2011

My day, she is made

So I stopped by the library to return some DVDs today. No big whoop. But. A librarian with the last name Bryner stopped me to tell me that she and her husband found my blog. Who cares about a Bryner you may ask. Well, Bryner is the last name of the infamous Claude Bryner, he of the hilariously bad movies. She tole me about Claude's terrible taste in movies and how he would watch anything. When he passes, he wanted his collection to go to Kettleson Memorial Library.

I asked if I offended her, she said no. In fact they read all my entries and howled with laughter. I couldn't stop grinning. This totally made my day. I suggested a film festival celebrating some of the brighter entries in his collection. She is a bit more embarrassed about Claude's taste than I am. So thanks, Internet. You rule.

Now, I'm off to load up by shiny, red, new Peugeot pepper mill. Wheeeee.


  1. *cough*
    And I would just like to ADD that.....
    SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, it's not just your mom who thinks you.are.funnnnnnnnnny