Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I have no patience for

Stupidity annoys me on an average day. Nothing makes me throb with anger more than stupid people boarding planes. Especially Alaska residents. We fly more than anybody.

1. Not knowing which is the aisle seat vs the window seat. The diagram is right there and invariably people sit in the wron seat and look confused when you point this out. This has happened literally every flight I have ever been on. I haven't called the offenders morons...yet.

2. Sitting in the wrong row. It's printed on the ticker and the wall. Last time I checked 11 looks nothing like 13.

3. Invading my personal area. I agree that the armrest is Alsace and we can fight over it, but please, don't put your elbow on my side. I paid for my little three-dimensional space and I want it. You are already closer than I like strangers to be.

4. Reading over my shoulder. I am embarrassed enough by the trash I read on planes. Dont further shame me by looking at the torrid prose then back at me.

Bleah. I need a frajillion dollars so I can always have an empty seat next to me.

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