Saturday, April 2, 2011


I am no stranger to sucky jobs. There is sort of a grim satisfaction from taking in an unpalatable task and seeing it through. This is why I like the challenge and pain of splitting our firewood with a 1-pound maul. My shoulders scream but I have a tidy pile of kindling and wood to burn later. I think this is my fine, eastern European blood talking.

It's spring and I am slowly working my way through all the spring-related tasks. Taxes. Cleaning the yard. Changing all the batteries in the thermostats and smoke detectors. Changing the fluids on my truck. ( Note that I said my truck. It actually is our only truck but I lover her so much that I have taken over sole ownership and care.)

Today I changed then oil on my Toyota. It was not fun. I used to change the oil in my little ford about 4 times a year. It was a 20 minute task since the engine was pretty simple--no ac, no power steering, manual transmission made it a dream to troubleshoot and maintain. This Toyota is then premium version which means there are wires, hoses, and manifolds filling up the entire engine compartment. It would be a clusterf*ck if it didn't run so well. To get at the oil drain plug and filter a person has to remove the skid plates. It's not too terrible of a big deal except that the driveway is gravel and the bolts were ratcheted down by someone more burly than me.

I scooted on my back on the sharp rocks under a filthy undercarriage that rained down dust in my eyes as I reefed on rusty bolts. They all came free with the only casualty of one bloody knuckle. The oil change went off without a hitch after that. It took an hour and a half. Thank goodness we only need to change oil only once or twice a year here. No roads=not much driving.

Not that I finished up that little chore, it's off to do the taxes! You know it's a good day when changing your oil counts as the fun task.

FYI. Don't google image search bloody knuckles. Urk.


  1. Yeah--chores. Life was a lot simpler as a seasonal living in a bunkhouse. But good for you on the oil change. I gave up and took my Toyota to the shop for $30. I remember the skid plates, though. Think I spent so much time under a vehicle in the Everglades that I never want to do it again.

  2. Yeah, my kingdom for a $30 oil change. You know all about the Sitka tax on every dang thing.

  3. I just watched Shades of Green, nice bunny hop onto your shovel ... hehe he.

    Ross is now a tugboater. he goes from a lumberjack after five years to a sailor-- crazy how life changes so quickly, got any tips on changing oil.... looks like I'll be changing mine too

  4. another blog to check out....


  6. You don't have to remove the skid plate. There should be a cut out for access but it makes for easier clean up if you do.