Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On moving heavy things by myself

I've gotten quite used to not having my husband around. I don't really like saying that, but it's the truth. He's down south, laboring away on the Rusty Mistress (Our new name for our boat, Axel) while I toil away here in the dregs of winter.

I buy whatever tickles me at the store and have switched almost entirely to organic food. I can justify the expense for just me, plus I can try all the brands and types to see which one I like best. My meals have shifted to nearly entirely vegetarian with the occasional venison chop or salmon fillet. It's nice, just cooking for my taste and only when I feel like it. I had to stop the "I'll just eat cereal for dinner" thing that wasn't entirely healthy. I have managed to cook for myself about every other day and have been pleased with the results.

I made this totally kick-ass Cambodian salad. It's an alaskafied version from my favorite Bay Area restaurant, Chez Sovan. Their watercress salad with BBQ beef or chicken is a-mazing. Last time I was there, Sovan kindly told me her dressing recipe and my local store had her suggested brand of fish sauce. I marinated a venison roast in a puree of lemongrass, shallots, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, sugar, and lime. It wasn't quite as sweet as Sovan's I think there is a glaze involved that I missed. But so what. I'm so growing watercress this summer and going to make this salad all the damn time. Gotta get on that marinade-glaze combo for deer and fish, though.

That dinner? So not acceptable to my 220# husband. He needs more to fill him up. One of the pleasures of cooking for me.

Aside from eating whatever I want and watching all the cheesy tripe on Netflix Instant Watch, there isn't really an upside to living without my partner. He missed my wearable art show where I was a space wonder woman, complete with vampy makeup. (I don't have any pictures...yet.) I had to do all the shoveling myself when it snowed and nurse myself through 2 sinus infections. I hate being sick and having to choose between laying down and making tea. Today I had to move really heavy doors around so that his brother and fiancee had a place to sleep. I should have asked a neighbor for help but I didn't. It's done now.

Bashing my foot with a self-closing door made me really miss tDF. He usually is around to help do things that I can't. Only a few more months to go before he's back with the boat.