Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Big News

We bought a boat. It's a big, old, steel crabber that we're turning into a troller. I know I've talked about fishing and boat shopping before, but it wasn't real until I send a check with several zeros off to a Broker. The paperwork was final on Friday. We got her for a song.

Her name is Axel. All GnR jokes are welcome as well as any other Axel related humor. We are going to need it in the coming months. She was built in 1978 in Portland Oregon to be a halibut dragger. She spent time as a troller and a crabber. We found the builder and talked to him--he built the boat from some Ed Monk Jr. designs.

She needs a complete overhaul. You can see daylight through the wheelhouse roof, the deck has holes, and there are at least 3 abandoned hydraulic systems lurking around the bilge. She is rusty, filthy, and held together by duct tape. The hull is sound and the motor runs like a top. Although it's a Detroit 4-71 also known as a "Screaming Jimmy." Detroits are notoriously loud and leaky. The galley is topside, in the wheelhouse, so that will make my life easier than on the Leona. Axel boasts at least 3 places to sit. I am sighing in anticipation of that luxury.

Boat stands for "Bust Out Another Thousand." We need more of those fun little acronyms too. We spent at least that yesterday buying a Racor and GPS. I now know what a Racor does. It separates water from diesel and filters the fuel. I can die a happy woman.

This purchase is the next phase of our life. Our fishing life. Our food-producing life. Our hemorrhaging money into outfitting a boat life. Our selling salmon off the Axel to the public life. Our oh-holy-shit-I-own-a 40-foot-steel-boat life.

I coined a new phrase through this whole mess: "Winning the Alaskan Lottery" is defined as marrying a woman with a government job.


  1. Okay I should have guessed it had something to do with a boat. Sheesh, I have a government job but don't know where the money goes. Glad you are better at it than me. So you are still going to work at the Firm?

    I think it's cool!

  2. Mary--I wish my big news were as cool as a promotion or a cookbook. I'll have to settle for fishing/boat things for now. We need my fat gov't job to keep us afloat.

    I am incredibly cheap. We (finally) are getting internet at the house tomorrow. I'm excited about the time I'll have to write and upload pictures of my new life.