Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mid-90's Country songs for Engineers

I am proud that my partner is from America .
(American Made--Oakridge Boys)

I came of age near a river named the Chattahoochee, where I drank heavily.
(Chattahoochee--Alan Jackson)

We are from the southern region of America. We like yams and silence.
(Song of the South--Alabama)

In the event of my death I want to be taxidermied and left in a drinking establishment near the jukebox.
(Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox--Joe Diffie)

A woman's life is hard. Before it was hard, she signed her letters in a cutsey way. This woman is going to find success in her father's world but has a desire to emulate her mother.
(XXXs and OOOs--Tricia Yearwood)

People have fun in an area zoned for agriculture.
(Getting Down on the Farm--Tim McGraw)

It is evident you are unfaithful. Your boots have been under several women's beds. QED
(Whose Bed HAve your Boots been under--Shania Twain)

I live in Tennessee because I make poor choices related to dating.
(All my Exes Live in Texas--George Strait)

I ignored every one's advice and followed my instincts. Now Dwight Yoakam and Lyle Lovett are fighting over me.
(I Feel Lucky--Mary Chapin Carpenter)

I am an alcoholic. I rationalize ruining your wedding by drinking with other alcoholics at a dive bar.
(Friends in Low Places--Garth Brooks)

I make really good gravy.
(Good Brown Gravy--Joe Diffie)

Did you Guess them? Come up with more! It's pretty fun.


  1. We get so drunk from drinking fermented watermelon that we can no longer walk.