Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boat? Boat.

Boat. BoatBoatBoat. Boat! Boat-Boat Boat. Boat? BoatBoat: Boat. Boat Boat Boat Boat; Boat.

My ever-hilarious husband told me yesterday, "And you thought we'd run out of things to talk about after we finished the house." Ha. Joke's on him. The house isn't done. My life is SO FUNNY and full of unfinished, expensive projects.

The Boat has taken over our lives. That floating clinker is the only topic of conversation. Do we register it in Alaska? How do we transfer California commercial dungeness permits? Where can we find 7x19 steel rope for less than $2.75/foot? Neat! Forfjord anchors are made in Seattle. Shit. They cost $900.

$1000 is a magical price point for boats. Everything seems to cost a grand. You start feeling pretty good about only spending $400 on a thing. Like you're winning the lottery except that little item needs a bunch of other stuff to make it work, bringing the total up to the magical grand. In the interest of self preservation I have stopped paying attention to the cost of things. It's my ostrich-like survival instinct.

What's a girl to do? This girl has focused on the color scheme and how tidy the deck will be. We have decided on light grey for the body with black accents. Grey is considered a hiding color, it disappears against the water and clouds. It's about as stealth as you can get in a 40-foot boat.

We're thinking of what to paint on our fly bridge. What do you think of this? I like how it captures the essence of life at sea. All that's missing is an Orca.

Gah. Sorry for the whine. This really is a good thing, but it's a huge project and my husband, my best friend in the whole world, has to move into his parents house for 3 months to fix Axel. I get to stay here an work to pay for everything. Short term sacrifices for long-term gain, right?

I can focus, too, on the fish we're going to have in a few short months. Last night we ate the last chunk of white king we froze last summer. I can look forward to all the white king I can eat, once Axel is seaworthy and up here. Soon, it will be Fish? Fish. FishyFishFish. Fish.

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  1. Congratulations! All you need now is a child.

    Because you need more sweary music to run to.