Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We didn't buy a boat

No boat for the Harpy-Fisherman household...yet. The year is young, we have until April to get us another maintenance nightmare and cash hog. Our trip was pretty dang fun, in any case. We stopped and looked at all the weird roadside stuff like Babe's blue balls and some metal dinosaurs. Oh, you want a picture? Well here:

Look at how cute my husband is, acting like a T-Rex. The artwork here was pretty amazing. someone in Gualala created these out of scrap metal. I wanted one so bad but they wouldn't fit in our tuff new truck.

We slept in the back of our truck off the side of the road and in harbor parking lots most nights. Campsites were deemed too expensive most nights but we stayed in a few along the way. The best one was the Umpqua State Lighthouse campground. They had free showers and you could rent yurts! Oregon State Parks beat the pants of both California and Washington parks. California was aggressively signed everywhere:

How awesome is this sign? Thanks, Sausilito Harbor, for printing the gold-standard in entitled asshole signs. We joked that California's new ad campaign should be Look, but don't touch, and really, don't breath on any of our things either. We couldn't get out of the state fast enough. The scenery was amazing and all, but the attitude of everything was really off putting. Except in the harbors.

This trip really brought home the fact that Fishermen are the same everywhere. The uniform, the speech, the impressively foul language, they are the same north to south. Actually, I was surprised that there weren't any yuppie fishermen down south. Here, there are the younger Patagucci-wearing right along with the wool sweater-clad salts. There, only salts. Everyone we talked to was really surprised to talk to us, young fishermen trying to get in. (We aren't even that young.) The whole industry is dying and those working in it have an average age of 50--much like farming. There's not future in fishing on the west coast. It's pretty sad.

Back to fun trip things. I went to Goonies Beach! This was my all time favorite movie from age 5 to about 9. My crush on Brand, Josh Brolin, is embarrassing these days.

It was very exciting. TDF didn't want to be Sloth or Chunk so he took the picture instead.

We did, however, buy a commercial power troll permit while travelling. Now we can sell the hand troll permit and not have to hand crank fish and weights. Our elbows are rejoicing!

He's negotiatin' on a bench in Bandon, OR. Bandon is a pretty, little tourist trap. I think it would be a great place to spend a week.

More, later.

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  1. I love your perspective on things. Enjoy the trip!