Monday, November 15, 2010

Man voice and two broke-ass trucks

My weekend was super fun! What did you do? I bet it wasn't as fun as mine. Wednesday, I started feeling a tightness in my throat. I thought it was just some weird spore thing from the crap old ford that we were driving while waiting for our new truck to arrive on the barge. Alas, it was Laryngitis. I went to the Doctor on Thursday (Paid day off for us Feds) and got a scrip for antibiotics and steroids. I didn't fill it because I avoid things like that until it gets really bad. On the way home, the transmission all but fell out of the bottom of the Ford.

Nice! 1 vehicle to go to the dump. Yay!

Friday, tDF tries to get a gasket to fix our little Toyota. We thought it was the oil pan. Turns out it was a cracked head or blown head gasket spewing oil out on Sitka's Streets. That is two irredeemably broke down trucks that are headed for recycletown. Awesome! We get to walk everywhere.

Also on Friday, I start having sinus pain and gross sinus things (it was rhinorrhea) so I decide that my symptoms are bad enough for the drugs--only ain't no 24 hour Walgreens in old Sitka so tDF came home empty handed. I suffer through some movies and can't even talk on the phone because I have no voice. I can speak in one of those irritating and exhausting hard whispers.

Saturday, I finally get my Rx after the nose starts expelling a rainbow of grossness. This is a new level for me, she of the chronic sinus infections. I take my pills and feel better. Yes, it is a placebo thing but I don't care because it stopped feeling like my sinuses were trying to dislodge my eyeballs. I also made some Tom Kah Kai and relished in the spicy, hot chicken soup.

So here I am, finally with a voice but it sounds all scratchy and deep. We call it "man voice" or "Terrible Blues Show Host" voice (inside Sitka Joke). I have a few more days of pill-taking but am eternally grateful to the miracle of mold.

Oh, and our new truck came today. I love that little thing.

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  1. Poor gal. Hope you're all better fast. Actually when I heard you talking today I thought you sounded extra girly.