Friday, November 19, 2010

Cooking for one

So with the old man gone on an adventure, I'm all alone in my messy, messy house. Daily, my house gets un-messied but my food ennui has taken hold. When I'm living by myself I like to sit around and read and generally ignore the world around me. I can quietly sit at my counter, read whatever I want and eat soba noodles every night.

It's a form of bliss, really.

What I've learned is that I don't really like to cook for one. It's sort of sad and boring to make food just for me when I'm perfectly happy with oatmeal and a salad. (I also enjoy not having someone ask me what's for dinner the second I get home.) My Everyday Food has a "cooking for one" section that has things like Meatloaf for one. I am quite adventurous, food wise, but any food called "loaf" that isn't bread is not a food for me.

In addition to the little cleaning widgets I need to manufacture daily, I guess I should add cooking to that. It keeps me from going to bed at 8:30. Tonight, I'm making a baked pasta thing with lots of vegetables and cheese. It is not that interesting but it is an achievement beyond last nights leftover miso and salad.

I guess I get so excited about not having someone up in my business constantly that I neglect taking care of myself food-wise. What do you all cook for yourself?


  1. Let's see. Tonight I had baked potatoes and chocolate chip cookie dough. After years of "having" to have a meal planned to the nth degree every night, I am reveling in eating what I feel like. (Last night I ate a mess of green beans. That was dinner).

  2. Nuked hot-dog-in-a-tortilla (eaten with one hand while flipping through America's Test Kitchen cookbook). Yes, it's still good after all these years

  3. Koreans have simple meals down: steamed rice, kimchee from the fridge, seaweed, barley tea. Maybe a little cut up spam, hot dog, tuna, chicken--whatever is easily at hand. Add any condiments handy, and every bite of steamed rice can taste totally different.

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