Tuesday, November 30, 2010

feeling every bit of 31

So I started running this week. This is my annual attempt to become a regular runner. I get about 3 sessions in, develop debilitating shin splints and stop. I have repeated this pattern for the past 7 years. I am insanely predictable.
What brought this bout of fitness on? Age. I know I am not that old, but I know that a lifetime of problems can be circumvented through regular exercise. Also, I'm finding it harder to go from the no-exercise winter into hard core field work in the summer. The old corps doesn't bounce back like it used to.

Running is something I used to enjoy and would like to again. Some of the best worst days in high school were doing liners or wind sprints after soccer practice. I managed 1 liner today and it just about killed me. Perhaps I should look into something lower impact, but that would be letting my stupid shins win. I will not let such an innocuous part of my body dictate my life.

So I'm sitting here, thinking about the nice bath later and maybe some ice packs to bring the swelling down.

Oh, and while we're lamenting lost youth, I got 7 Brides for 7 Brothers on DVD from the library. For those of you who know me, you are laughing pretty good right now. I only have it on VHS and thus haven't seen it for a few years. Wow, is that ever a cheesy, sexist movie. From Howard Keel singing about "the beautiful hide" of his intended to the 6-couple shotgun wedding. I don't know if I can call it a favorite anymore, but that barn raising dance off is still pretty spectacular. And the fact that one of the girls is named Dorcas. Yeah, it's biblical but that doesn't make up for the silliness.

It's no Oklahoma.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cooking for one

So with the old man gone on an adventure, I'm all alone in my messy, messy house. Daily, my house gets un-messied but my food ennui has taken hold. When I'm living by myself I like to sit around and read and generally ignore the world around me. I can quietly sit at my counter, read whatever I want and eat soba noodles every night.

It's a form of bliss, really.

What I've learned is that I don't really like to cook for one. It's sort of sad and boring to make food just for me when I'm perfectly happy with oatmeal and a salad. (I also enjoy not having someone ask me what's for dinner the second I get home.) My Everyday Food has a "cooking for one" section that has things like Meatloaf for one. I am quite adventurous, food wise, but any food called "loaf" that isn't bread is not a food for me.

In addition to the little cleaning widgets I need to manufacture daily, I guess I should add cooking to that. It keeps me from going to bed at 8:30. Tonight, I'm making a baked pasta thing with lots of vegetables and cheese. It is not that interesting but it is an achievement beyond last nights leftover miso and salad.

I guess I get so excited about not having someone up in my business constantly that I neglect taking care of myself food-wise. What do you all cook for yourself?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Man voice and two broke-ass trucks

My weekend was super fun! What did you do? I bet it wasn't as fun as mine. Wednesday, I started feeling a tightness in my throat. I thought it was just some weird spore thing from the crap old ford that we were driving while waiting for our new truck to arrive on the barge. Alas, it was Laryngitis. I went to the Doctor on Thursday (Paid day off for us Feds) and got a scrip for antibiotics and steroids. I didn't fill it because I avoid things like that until it gets really bad. On the way home, the transmission all but fell out of the bottom of the Ford.

Nice! 1 vehicle to go to the dump. Yay!

Friday, tDF tries to get a gasket to fix our little Toyota. We thought it was the oil pan. Turns out it was a cracked head or blown head gasket spewing oil out on Sitka's Streets. That is two irredeemably broke down trucks that are headed for recycletown. Awesome! We get to walk everywhere.

Also on Friday, I start having sinus pain and gross sinus things (it was rhinorrhea) so I decide that my symptoms are bad enough for the drugs--only ain't no 24 hour Walgreens in old Sitka so tDF came home empty handed. I suffer through some movies and can't even talk on the phone because I have no voice. I can speak in one of those irritating and exhausting hard whispers.

Saturday, I finally get my Rx after the nose starts expelling a rainbow of grossness. This is a new level for me, she of the chronic sinus infections. I take my pills and feel better. Yes, it is a placebo thing but I don't care because it stopped feeling like my sinuses were trying to dislodge my eyeballs. I also made some Tom Kah Kai and relished in the spicy, hot chicken soup.

So here I am, finally with a voice but it sounds all scratchy and deep. We call it "man voice" or "Terrible Blues Show Host" voice (inside Sitka Joke). I have a few more days of pill-taking but am eternally grateful to the miracle of mold.

Oh, and our new truck came today. I love that little thing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We didn't buy a boat

No boat for the Harpy-Fisherman household...yet. The year is young, we have until April to get us another maintenance nightmare and cash hog. Our trip was pretty dang fun, in any case. We stopped and looked at all the weird roadside stuff like Babe's blue balls and some metal dinosaurs. Oh, you want a picture? Well here:

Look at how cute my husband is, acting like a T-Rex. The artwork here was pretty amazing. someone in Gualala created these out of scrap metal. I wanted one so bad but they wouldn't fit in our tuff new truck.

We slept in the back of our truck off the side of the road and in harbor parking lots most nights. Campsites were deemed too expensive most nights but we stayed in a few along the way. The best one was the Umpqua State Lighthouse campground. They had free showers and you could rent yurts! Oregon State Parks beat the pants of both California and Washington parks. California was aggressively signed everywhere:

How awesome is this sign? Thanks, Sausilito Harbor, for printing the gold-standard in entitled asshole signs. We joked that California's new ad campaign should be Look, but don't touch, and really, don't breath on any of our things either. We couldn't get out of the state fast enough. The scenery was amazing and all, but the attitude of everything was really off putting. Except in the harbors.

This trip really brought home the fact that Fishermen are the same everywhere. The uniform, the speech, the impressively foul language, they are the same north to south. Actually, I was surprised that there weren't any yuppie fishermen down south. Here, there are the younger Patagucci-wearing right along with the wool sweater-clad salts. There, only salts. Everyone we talked to was really surprised to talk to us, young fishermen trying to get in. (We aren't even that young.) The whole industry is dying and those working in it have an average age of 50--much like farming. There's not future in fishing on the west coast. It's pretty sad.

Back to fun trip things. I went to Goonies Beach! This was my all time favorite movie from age 5 to about 9. My crush on Brand, Josh Brolin, is embarrassing these days.

It was very exciting. TDF didn't want to be Sloth or Chunk so he took the picture instead.

We did, however, buy a commercial power troll permit while travelling. Now we can sell the hand troll permit and not have to hand crank fish and weights. Our elbows are rejoicing!

He's negotiatin' on a bench in Bandon, OR. Bandon is a pretty, little tourist trap. I think it would be a great place to spend a week.

More, later.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home again

Surprisingly, the weather hasn't been awful since I've been home. Just wanted to give you all a little pic from my trip.

I'm under Babe's Big Blue Balls! I have never before been in front of a fiberglass scrotum before.

Paul isn't as anatomically correct.