Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turn the page

Well, this is interesting. Blogger does not seem to like my new iPad. This is the first post written on my magnificent new toy. I can only write in the HTML window which sort of sux but I guess I'll have to find a app or something.

Anyway, before I rudely interrupted my very important thoughts with my iPad braggy gripes, I was going to tell you all about out my awesome trip. We are, as of this writing, in Cresent City California, driving north in our new truck. We just went through the redwoods today and they we're beautiful and tall, but I guess I've seen tall trees before so I wasn't as impressed as I should have been. Plus it's raining so I am not too pleased.

What has struck me the most are the fees and the no fun zone that is the great state of California. Everywhere along highway 1 no parking signs were posted. Plus this hilarious one in the Sausilito harbor that said "don't disturb the rocks." we totally took a picture. We call this the no fun zone. It's like the whole state in grandma's plastic-coated living room. Oh, and campgrounds cost $35per night to $65 per night. Hotels aren't that much.

Tomorrow we get to Oregon and I cain't wait.

Living in a remount island-bound small town makes a road grip extra fun. I have loved driving the past few days. The 6-cyl Toyota really kicks some ass. The tunes are a bit on the slim side. There is only so many times you can listed to the same 6 CDs, no matter how good they are. (Belle and Sebastian are pretty awesome.)

I'm figuring out this new toy of mine. Any apps I can't life without?

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