Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ribs and Cheesecake

Fall is here. I don't go in for that Martha Stewart holiday-themed decorating anything, so fall is weather related not gourd 'n mini pumpkin centerpiece related. Fall is such a crappy time of year that any attempt to make it festive falls so very flat. In other parts of the world, fall is brisk and shiny. A time for rosy-cheeked, scarf wearing shenanigans. In my world, it's 60 mile per hour winds and 4 inches of rain in a day.

Ain't no hay rides at the punkin patch in Sitka.

Because the weather is shit, the light is leaving, and I have time to putter I spend lots of time cooking things that are not healthy. I like lots of butter, bacon, cheese, and pretty much anything with a glycerol group. My inaugural "fall blows" meal was for tDF's birthday. It was ribs, steak fries, coleslaw, and Cheesecake. I would classify this as a healthier version of what I typically make (nothing was fried or wrapped in bacon).

I coaxed the Miller-Lite Weber knock off into smoking a small rack of ribs on our porch in a light drizzle. I managed to get that pinkish smoke ring through the meat, so I was feeling pretty good about myself. The sauce was something in my shiny, new America's Test Kitchen cookbook. It was good but I lost points when I revealed it had corn syrup. (My husband is on an anti-corn syrup kick.) The oven fried steak fries more than made up for the corn syrup, I believe.

A growler of the Baranof Brewing Company's seasonal ale showed up on our doorstep. It has like 12% alcohol so it made the evening a little fuzzy-edged.

We didn't really need dessert after but we plowed ahead. I made a huckleberry compote to have over the dense cheesecake. Consequently, I learned there is a low-fat cheesecake. Of all the things to make low fat, this is possible the worst. Actually, the worst is fat-free half-and-half, but that is not something a person strives to make. Just an abomination you can purchase. Aaaanyway, we ate until we felt like bursting. Everything was yummy and I got excited about food again.

I'm looking forward to a winter full of the ribs and cheesecake diet. There will be a vegetable or three, I'm sure. I think squash needs to be in the rotation, but at $1.37/lb it's pretty expensive. If only the mini corn and gourds were edible.


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  2. Thank you, Peter. That is awesome.