Friday, September 10, 2010


My husband and I haven't really had a vacation the entire 7 years of our blissful married life. We have had "vacations" and a trip to Baja that was infinitely more fun for him than me. Most trips away from home, they are not vacations and should not be referred to as such, are to visit family. (Hi, family reading this. We love visiting, really.) It's great being warm and seeing loved ones, but it's not the adventure that he and I desire.

Well, dear readers, we are taking a dang vacation. Our plan is to drive the west coast from Santa Barbara to Blaine over a 3 week period. We are shopping for a boat, so this is a business vacation. Bah, don't care. I finally will get to see that weird part of Northern California with all the hippies and the statue of Paul Bunyon. We plan on joining the rest of America by sleeping in our car in a Wal Mart parking lot.

Our hope is to purchase a new truck and drive it up, filling it with all kinds of fall goodness and cheap fishing gear. If we're lucky, we'll buy the truck soon and can bring AK plates with us. We have no plans except to stick to the coastal routes and see as many harbors as possible. (I will be wearing my Xtra-tuffs so that any local who fishes will see them and know that I am awesome, and fish too.)

Any must sees? I like the strange and unusual. Roadside attraction stuff like giant balls of twine.


  1. Check out the avenue of the giants on 101. It gets prettier in bad weather, so October would be perfect.

  2. I second the Giants. I was running a half marathon there at the time, so could have been delirious, but the trees seemed awesome! Nice campgrounds too (way better than Walmart).

  3. i just have one question: why are you not starting in san diego so you can see me? ;) enjoy your vacation. when will you be down in the lower 48?