Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's hot and sunny here!

I have remarked before that weather her matters. Eliza Dolittle would be just fine discussing the weather in Southeast Alaska, it's all we talk about. Her cockney slang could stay hidden in the polite discussions of unseasonably warm September or an incredibly shitty June. Fyi, the 150 year average of rainfall for September in Sitka is 11.28 inches. We are a bit low this month.

So, yes, as the title of this blerg states, It's been bloody hot and sunny for darn near a week in the Greatland. So hot that they're catching blue sharks of the cape of Kruzof Island. This means there is a current of warm water somewhere off shore. TDF is thinking about going tuna fishing on the Leona. Yes, fricking tuna fishing in the Gulf of Alaska. Man, I loves me some albituna. Plus you troll as fast as our boat goes (like 6 knots) which may be pretty fun.

My tomatoes, grown inside, are showing signs of finally ripening and my celery is finally becoming tall and stately. I'm leaving work early to go and sip some minty booze on my porch and lay in the sun. Because I can and because I know that soon it will rain and be dark.

Make minty cocktails while the sun shines, kids! You'll regret it on a rainy day later.


  1. Someday I need to get up there for a visit. It looks and sounds so amazing.