Friday, September 3, 2010


Some days you get the Baar. Well, dude, some days the baar gets you. Today I was the carrion picked at by the vultures. I was gum under the shoe. I was the bag full of only yellow gummi bears. I had to re-image my gov'ment computer. This means that I have to reinstall every program, reestablish every connection, and mostly remember what on earth I had on the thing.

I got home at 11pm last night, got to work at 8:15 today. Have to go fishing at 5 pm. I should be more excited about fishing, but I really just want to lay down and read for awhile.

Burned the Flight of the Conchords cd, though. Foux de fa fa should get me through the day.


  1. If your computer burns up, along with everything on the hard drive, and all of your hard copy files, and because you could never save to the O, because the internet was always going out, then you don't have to re-image. Instead you get a crappy refurbished computer that runs slow as molasses! And people still expect you to produce stuff from before the fire! It's really fun! Don't try it...

  2. Oh gosh! That totally makes me feel bad for whining.

    Are you in trailers now? How's the rebuild?