Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crater Mountain High

Finally found the picture! Here we are lounging in the hummocks in Crater Mountain. I love all the red in this photo.

In other, decidedly less awesome, news we are trying to buy a truck. This post is sort of a Hail Mary of truck purchasing. Our list of requirements is not long, but each requirement further narrows the choices by at least half. Since you asked, ahem, here is what we want:

Toyota Tacoma extended cab
Manual Transmission
Less than $10k.

Finding this golden goose of a vehicle is very hard. It wouldn't be if we lived in TN, somehow that's where all the awesome Toyotas meet up, like some sort of yuppie truck Jugaloo gathering. Do you know anybody who has one of these unicorns? We have ca$h money to spend.

Buying a truck has made me realize that I'm some total Luddite crank when it comes to cars. I can't stand automatic transmissions and power windows scare me. We had this large suv *coughSuburbancough* that fell apart from the inside. The Power windows were the first to go, then many things followed. It was really fun watching a piece of Americana rot into America's Temperate Rain forest.

All of these woes remind me of my first, and really only, Truck. She was an 1989 ranger with a Mazda engine. Everything was manual, including the steering. I totaled her on the freeway at Christmas and managed to rebuild her with a crazy drunk guy I knew. I learned the Bondo Method of bodywork. She started life black and I sold her as a pearly purple. I never did get around to fixing the gaping hole in the upholstery. I miss that little thing.

What was your first car? Do you miss it?


  1. I had a chevette! I drove it across country many times. Nope, don't miss that sewing machine sound. Everything I owned fit in it. Good times.

    I love my Tacoma but don't like manual transmissions. Too many hills to stop on here.

  2. A 1963 four-door white Rambler, that burned a quart of oil every week.

  3. Black Ford Festiva. The ugly duckling of cheap cars for college graduates. Both DH and I "learned" to drive on that thing. Don't miss it, but have some fond memories. Kind of like my first boyfriend that way.

  4. My first car was an 82 Honda Civic beat-up ol' hatchback, and yeah, I miss it some. But now I have a 4WD Tacoma (4cyl, regular cab) that gets me everywhere I want to go. Good luck finding your golden goose! What I want to know is what the hell is going on with Crater Mountain? Is that karst? Looks awesome. Like a mountain full of papasan chairs.