Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Rodgers and Hammerstein

In the feverish existence of commercial fishing, I named my biceps. I believe some people refer to these as "guns." I have never had much muscle definition in my arms before and while white-knuckling the trip home through 20 kt winds I decided it was high time to name my newly defined arms.

Lefty is Rodgers and Righty is Hammerstein. I am right-handed, and use that one to wield the gaff/bludgeon and kill fish. It deserves to be called Hammerstein. (Was thinking about Gilbert and Sullivan but I love Oklahoma! more than a GenX/Y/Millenial really should.) I am a big-budget musical girl always and forever.

I have never named my body parts before, so this is my first step into some ill-conceived adventure in whimsy. This also speaks to the complete lack of filter I get when working near 22 hours straight. Yesterday began at 4 am and ended 2 am this morning.

Continuous work! That's what fishing is! At least every day began with a hot cup of high octane coffee and something hot off the propane grill. It was needed too because we caught at least 39 kings yesterday. "At Least" because I'm pretty sure I lost count here and there. The day ended after off loading 1500 pounds of fish flesh at the cannery.

Tired doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.


  1. Are you still working at the FS, or have you decided to fish full time? I sorta miss the tales of alpine muskeg walking, although the fishing is interesting too.

  2. Still working for the man. Haven't really done much interesting this summer, though. Working on a missive about my trip through south Kruzof. No time as of yet.

    Thanks for your comment, Mary. I really like to know what people like to read.