Thursday, August 12, 2010

Deer Killin' Machine

I done married one. He loves a good Deer Killing any time of the day, any day of the week, any elevation in the greater Sitka Area. (He especially loves packing 50 # of meat out through the absolute worst terrain created by opportunistic logging and cliffs.) While I was luxuriating in Denver last week, he shot another one.

We still had a ton of venison in the freezer in the garage. I "haven't cooked deer in forever and have been neglecting my wifely duties." Ahem. It could be the piles of sh*t that are not mine in and around the freezer preventing me from getting at said 2009 deer meat. But, let's not fight. Let's talk about Demi Glace and 15# of sausage!

Oh yeah, I made a lot of sausage. Both bulk, and stuffed into casing with my handy Kitchen Aid meat squirter (sausage attachment). It took 2 days but I think it was worth it. We made spicy italian sausage, but I made it a bit more mild so it would be versatile. TDF even took pictures, but they all look kind of gross (not cleaning the house for, like, weeks ftw). Also, you have all seen ground meat and sausage so picture it in your minds eye and bask in my awesome sausageness.

My real triumph was the Demi Glace, or meat jelly. I got to use the Wyoming Saw I bought tDF for his birthday and cut up the leg bones of the deer. I felt like the most awesome french person with a Saveur subscription. It's a James Peterson recipe where you roast the bones with veggies and aromatics before simmering them for hours. I used the crock pot for simmering because I take shortcuts like that. The final broth was reduced to a scant cup on the stove over a couple of hours. I froze it into little glass jars to break out for special food occasions! I love how full and round the flavor is. I could eat it with a spoon.

The bones were cooked again to make a broth that's pretty nice. It should become chili or stew very shortly. Not much cooking right now, though. We have another king opener on Sunday then I have to work in the field again. Summer fun just never ends at the Harpy-Fisherman household!

Also? All this deer death talk reminds me to share with you, Internet, that we saw Deliverance last night. It was disturbing. Not the "Squeal Like a Pig" Hillbilly rape shenanigans, but the sinking the bodies in the river with rocks. And how Normal Dudes could just kill people like that. Not the uplifting, heartwarming tale I was expecting.

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