Saturday, April 3, 2010

Didn't see that coming

A friend, out of the blue, called to see if we wanted to buy his hand troll permit and lease his boat for the summer. Guess what? We did.

The Dirty Fisherman is now a Dirty Commercial Fisherman.

Looking to a summer learning how to be a deck hand and cleaning fish. Wow. I'm still stunned.


  1. Cool! Do you get to take time off? Do you have a specific area? Think of all the great places you will see. Bring a kayak. Send fish south.

  2. That's exciting news! Hey, you know how sometimes you read something and just don't get it? Like, when I see "therapist" I *always* read it as "the rapist". Oh, or when someone says, "It's just killing time" I read that as, well, it's KILLING TIME!! AAAAAH!!! Maybe I have issues. Anyway, I stared at that first line for about the count of seven, thinking;

    - She must be joking. Trolls don't REALLY they?
    - Troll must mean something else. Maybe it refers to a type of fish. An ugly, squat, mean fish.
    - I wonder how big a hand troll is? Hand sized?
    - What do the Alaskans do with the wee trolls after they catch them?

    But.....yeah, now I get it. Sigh. You've got some real dummies reading your blog.

  3. Mary--hoping to go troll in the Whale Bay area. My upper body strength has been questioned so we'll see how many trips I'm "allowed" on.

    Thanks, Jo!

    Tina--Now I'm wondering what a hand troll looks like. There's a bunch of Tlingit legends about the little people of the woods here so there may really be pocket trolls about. Not dumb, just uninitiated. I learned all about fishing through osmosis.

  4. OMG! Whale Bay! You must hike to: a. Politofski Lake (check for illegal flying outfitters) b. Avoss Lake. Drop on down to Sandy Bay and hike up to the best waterfall on the planet. Great kayaking in Rakovoi Bay. Oh carp, you will be WORKING. (but the hike to Politofski can't be beat. Some nice outfitters illegally cut out a trail, with chainsaws, because the evil Forest Service wouldn't let them land on the lake, which they did anyway. Many times.

  5. Mary--I will totally take your advice on the hiking areas. Part of the glory of commercial trolling are the remote areas we would visit.

  6. Congratulations!!! Be*safe!!! (uh, guess who I ammmmmmmmmmmmm?)