Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bring you kid to work day: subtle sexism edition

I am prone to rants in my personal life. My husband often bears the brunt of my loud, opinionated personality. Let's all take a moment to feel bad for him. Ok! So. I am currently really, really irritated at the whole Barbie-sponsored bring your kid to work day thing.

I applaud Barbie's whole Dream it-Do it stance. Everyone should follow their dreams and become who they are and do what they love. HOWEVER, is there any other toy on the face of our fair planet (Happy earth day, planet) with more baggage than the Barbie? No. There is not. The website reference Barbie's 120 careers. With a few nods to the health industry and generic science excepting, Barbie has held very few science/math jobs.

Yes, when I was a little girl I didn't exactly dream about my current career. BUT I didn't look to Barbie for career advice. She was too busy in the complicated soap operas I embroiled her in.

Even the 10 women to watch are lacking in the sciences realm. Three of the women are in fashion while 1 is a scientist. How will this help the little scientists out there? Also one is the marketing/self-promotion whiz Danica Patrick. I hope any future race card driver I spawn also becomes the face/boobs of a web registry place. So proud I would be. I thought the 10 women would be actual women, not celebrities. Barbie dashes my hopes again.

The Internet is for ranting and funny lists. I really want to support people doing what they want and love. Some kids, yes even little nerd girls like I was, like science and outdoorsy things. We need role models not plastic toys.

Let's turn this around for a call for Actual Career Barbies based on the really great women we all know. I'll start:

Kayak Ranger Barbie: with little paddle, ponytail, and 3 season tent, she's up for any and all adventures on the seas.

Fish-Tech Barbie: Carhartts, chest waders, hard hat, and back pack shocker will monitor the heck out of your streams.

Slime Line Barbie: Head net, long gloves, and Xtratuffs make this lady ready for all that comes down the stainless steel chute at her.

Soil Scientist Barbie: Filthy, ripped pants, orange field vest, Razorback shovel, she'll hike anywhere and dig the pit to prove it.

What about you? What barbies would you propose?


  1. Love it. How about a smokejumper Barbie? The first woman SMJ was in the 1980s and the guys REALLY DIDN'T WANT HER. Surprised? She hung in there though and now there are more!

  2. Marine Scientist Barbie- with hip waders, lantern and a bucket she's ready to collect and study. Alternate outfit includes scuba gear with and underwater camera. GREAT BLOG!!! di

  3. Well, I am glad to see there is already a pilot Barbie.
    But really, I had one Barbie in my life and it broke on the 2nd day I had it, which meant I went back to my cars, train and airplane toys! I would have never taken her advise for my career choice!

  4. Build-Your-Own-Freakin'-Dream-House Barbie! Comes with ripped-and-paint-stained double-face Carhartts, leather-and-suede tool belt, safety glasses, gloves, Pex, and a Peavy! Bonus piece includes a 20-foot yellow cedar pecker pole from which she can create a teeter-totter to bounce on with Ken! A.w.e.s.o.m.e blog, petite fromage. mawwwwww