Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doors. Not intuitive

All of you who have never purchased a door over the phone rejoice. I have done it. And I have done it wrong-ish. We got our order from Lowes (frickin' final-ly). And the RH inswing door was not there! They sent a LH inswing door. ARGH.

Here is an image for all of us who need this kind of visual help. Handedness on a door is determined by standing outside (the exterior of the door) and opening the door. If you use your right hand--or the hinges are on your right as you face the door. That thar is a Right Handed door. Opposite for the left. See? Easy-peasy.

You bet your sweet "Black Dynamite" quote I will be using this graphic in the future because we do not need another Lowes debacle.

Our toilets were also delivered. We ended up with Toto Drake's in cotton with an insulated tank and soft-close lid.
Doesn't it look like it's smirking? Nothing like a smug toilet.


  1. Anthropomorphized plumbing. Never saw that coming.

  2. it's the seat, not the toilet itself....