Friday, March 19, 2010


We have been busy lately, hence my blog related silence. I have many pictures and stories to tell you, oh interbob, but not much time.

We have been painting like crazy. Maybe we bought 10 gallons of paint that was too blue? I think it's perfect since we have so much of it. Having it = it works in my little world.

I also ate the "parts" of a king crab that don't include the leg or claw meat. I grossed out the people who were watching. Turns out all those people from the Philippines at the crab shack eating the crab butter were on to something. The back of a king crab is full of white fat that is pretty much like the bacon of shell fish. It was amazingly good. I should have saved some to spread on toast but I think my husband would have heaved right in front of me.

We used an old paint sprayer, I got some on the walls and some in my eyes. It wasn't altogether pleasant. Ok! time to leave work now.

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  1. You should have used the paint sprayer to put crab fat on your toast.