Thursday, February 4, 2010

What kind of soccer player were you?

After reading about the unsung heroes of football (offensive linemen) and thinking how I hope Peyton Manning gets sacked a WHOLE bunch this Sunday. (There is nothing I like better than a Peyton sacking. Maybe the little dance of the really huge guy who does the sacking comes close.) I never played football americain, I played actual football. Or soccer. And I miss it terribly.

I realized I was the offensive lineman of the soccer field. I was a midfielder, who spent the game running from one end of the field to the other and yelling at people to get a move on. Midfielders tend to run more than any other player distance-wise. Because of this, we tend to frown on the show-boaty strikers and the slow-moving defenders. I started life as a left, outside midfielder (we tended toward the 4-4-2 formations) because I was fast and mean enough to take on the other teams' fast right midfielders and I had a killer throw. It worked out well since I've always been scrawny and could throw elbows and hip-check and rarely get called for it. Refs never seemed to think my little self could possibly be the culprit.

When I got better, I was moved to center midfield. This pleased my mouthy self who got to yell at everybody else from my orbit, but still work dang hard. I never really scored but I got a couple of assists over the years. My world was defensive. (Oh! The one and only time I blacked out in my life was when I was playing stopper and some so and so pulled a maneuver like the one pictured above and I went-to quote my dad-ass over teakettle. Neat!)

Southeast AK is not a place for soccer. Some folks play indoors but I like the dirt and the grass. So, who are you? Did you play? My husband was a goalie, which says a lot about him. TDF could best be physically described as a solid cube and has always been so. He liked to charge the flashy strikers and pluck the ball from their feet. In little league he was the catcher so, you know, goalie is a nice fit.

Maybe I'll dust off my old Kaisers and do some liners at the football field next week. I need to get in shape for field work.

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  1. Interesting. My 8-year old son is a midfielder in soccer. He's not mouthy, but he is a great defensive player. We enjoyed watching him be the brick wall that stopped the kid 2 inches taller than all the other pee-wees on the field. He also says midfield is great because then he never gets yelled at for being out of position--the whole field is his area.

    I was not sporty in my youth (got a little better in college, then dropped off again now that I am in middle age).