Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend fun

It seems that when I get a day off from work, it's really "a day off" from "employment." I always work much harder on my days of work than when I'm actually at work. My regular job does not include moving drywall or appliances nor does it mean touching icky things like insulation and oil-based stain.

I HATE insulation. My personal hell is installing in above my head where it can rain down awfulness all day long. Every have an insulation in your eye? It is worse than smashing your hand in a door or burning yourself on a cookie sheet or shocking yourself with a hot wire. I hate insulation so much.

Our shining beacon of a house is almost completely drywalled, just a bathroom and some closets to go. I love watching all the ugly studs and %$@# insulation disappear. Everything is clean and white. Drywall hides a lot.

upstairs living

Downstairs living

Food news! I have some. Slowly, the winter doldrums are slipping away and I can finally do something about my SAD. This weekend I made our favorite miso-marinated salmon with some braised hijiki and carrots. I also make a venison roast by marinating it over night in some carrots, onions, shallots and white wine. The marinate became the base for a sauce I served with the meat. I even went so far as to make a roux. (Not that a roux is difficult but this winter if it took longer than 3 minutes I wanted nothing to do with it.) I was very proud of myself.

Oh, and our new washer and dryer arrived yesterday. I am really getting excited about laundry now.
WHEE! My life is so fun.


  1. Holy hell, your house is both enormous and STUNNING.

  2. It has been my life for the past 5 years. Now we just get to finish it!

  3. so clean and open! in my memory the downstairs was so dark and cave- like...not true at all! i think it was the shingle dipping that made me feel that way! it is beautiful.....you really are amazing.xodi