Monday, February 1, 2010

Garbage Bears move to the Bronx

Hey, remember when I talked about the bear getting into our trash with her cubs? Well! Since she died (not sure why) the cubs were taken into custody. One little one died when a Tranq dart hit his/her lung and the other 3 were shipped off to the local bear gulag called "Fortress of the Bears." They now reside at the Bronx Zoo.

Last summer was simply awful with bear/human negative relationships. There was at least 2 sows with broods terrorizing the garbage cans in town. Yes, we need to manage our garbage and we do need to behave in a responsible thumb-having manner. No attractants = no bears in theory. I get an uncomfortable feeling about this whole issue. I strongly believe that when I am in the woods (i.e. any non-urban environment including trails near town) I am in the Bear's woods. It is their space and I understand they have a pretty specific line-in-the-sand about them.

Where is my line? Am I allowed to have one? Does my driveway and house constitute my special area--it is where I cache food and all. Are we as people entitled to this? Why are we more tolerant of bears in our yards than deer or slugs? I wrestle with these questions quite often.

At Anan, they have established a pretty strong Bear vs Human space. People get this little viewing platform and the bears are discouraged from climbing on it. My Brother says it's a lot of work keeping the bears in line and out of the human area. It is persistence. (The human area does not include the outhouse, much to my glee.)

One lady I know in town hates the rescue bear thing. When a sow dies, she feels, her cubs are supposed to die too. It's just nature.

I know that these bears will help educate people about the ills of rapid development of open spaces. We all need lessons in treating the natural world with more care. Personally, I'm more worried about the loss of arable land than bears. But nobody will ever think a Mollisol is cute.


  1. What's worse is that now those poor cubs will grow up to be Yankees fans.

  2. Or the Mets. Alaskans are contrarians by nature.