Monday, February 8, 2010

Another 3 day meat sale

This past weekend was spent chasing down switches, temporary lights, and figuring what in holy moses was on each 15-A circuit. It was great. I only was shocked twice. Personally, I feel getting a bit of the old 120 volt is good for the system. Keeps that biological electricity on its toes. I also got to play with my new Gardner bender wire strippers. I still haven't fixed my tool belt since my brother used it over Christmas. It pulls my pants down and somebody tried to throw pennies down my crack while I was hooking up some switches.

Such a busy weekend also means we ate badly. Like turkey burgers, western family crinkle fries, doritos, and Seamart ass-doughnuts level of bad. Since we ate exclusively at the mart by the sea, we visited their 3 day meat sale! Yes, a couple of times a year meat goes on sale here. It is very boring meat. Pork chops, some sort of beef roast, greasy chicken and bacon were all on sale. I wasn't allowed to buy any meat (besides bacon) because we have a freezer overflowing with uneaten meat. Sigh, I didn't want any meat anyway (kicks puppy).

I have such plans of cooking/baking such glorious food. Plans that get smeared into the asphalt of my life. My one flaw (yes, I only have one) is that I can't drag myself out of bed early enough to get to work at a reasonable hour which means getting home super, duper late. By the time I get home tDF is all, "ALSDKFJAWEIUR FEED ME I HUNG DRYWALL AND STUFF ALL DAY." Then I'm like, "OKOKOKOKOKOK I'LL FIGURE OUT WHAT I CAN MAKE FROM WHAT WE HAVE IN 23 MINUTES." In short, I'm blocked by my laziness.

I did manage to make toasted pecan butter cookies last week. First cookies in at least 2 months. I also have every intention of iron cupcaking this month, but Passion? I need a cupcake about passion? I wonder what Fabio would look like in cupcake form? I think it would be buttery and sort of unappetizing. Things that inspire passion in me (food realm) include salt, salty smoked meat, bitter dark chocolate, whiskey, cheese, and bread. A cupcake I would actually like to eat would not be a very pretty or sweet one.


  1. I hear you on the too tired/lazy too cook thing. How about throwing some of that overflow of meat and some herbs in the crockpot? Then not only in the longest part of cooking already done when you get home, but you will have tortured tDF with the smell of cooking meat while he hung drywall all day. Would that work?

  2. I do crockpot a lot--mostly with the deer. Crock potting fish yields something nasty. I don't mind the cooking as much as the prep. Sometimes I don't want to chop anything ever.