Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunny January

So I'm visiting family on the lovely Central Coast of CA. It is about 70 degrees during the day. And sunny. It is fabulous. My in-laws used to live next to a huge pasture but now that pasture is strawberries. Sunday morning, we walked around the rows of berries and gleaned a few sun-warmed berries from the vine. (They were from the organic field.) Later at the grocery store I stood slack jawed at the $ .59/lb potatoes and the $.63/lb broccoli. I forgot about the price of food here.

On Monday we went for a hike along a beach near Point Sal to look at the chert middens. This beach is where they filmed the 10 commandments and Hildago. There is still detritus from the 10 Commandments filming. They did a really bad job cleaning up after themselves. After the hike we were hungry so we stopped at a local Mercado for some tacos. The Mercado (markets) here typically have a deli counter and a butcher counter. The meat behind the glass was so pretty and the chorizo and linguica just looked so tempting. I got 2 carne asada soft tacos with pico de gallo and a pineapple soda. The meat was perfectly cooked and citrus-y with a little caramelized edge.

Later we visited a friend who just built a brick oven in their back yard. We made about 9 different pizzas and I spent the whole time trying to figure out where I could put one in my house. My favorite last night was a green pizza with pesto, waxy potatoes, pistachios, and truffle oil. I made one with purple potatoes, red onions, fennel, and olives. SO FUN. The dessert pizza had marshmallows melted over the top. Normally, I think marshmallows are sort of sweet-gross but here they were just the right gooey balance to the chocolate and cherries.

I always forgot my camera because I'm lame, but I'll try to be better when I go pick up my gallon of local honey. This place is a veritable food paradise. Oh! and shopping at the discount mall is always fun. Always.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your trip in the sunny city! I live on the outskirts of Toronto so we don't really suffer for ingredients here (with the exception of chilis and Mexican ingredients which don't make it north of the border), but I'm still drooling over the food memories you're making! Sun warmed strawberries, local honey, linguica and green pizza with pistachio and truffle oil. Sigh. Pure bliss.

  2. I can't belive you are in CA! I wish I could have made it out to see you guys! Miss you!!!! Hope to see you this summer though in CO ;)!