Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am awesome

At least in the Natalie Dee Hot Dog sort of way. I just found out that I --officially--will become a GS-11. A few more signatures and paperwork and I will move up from my little GS-09.

For those of you with actual private industry pay scales this is a very big deal. It's about a 15% increase in pay but about 100% increase in prestige. Ha. Prestige in gov't work.

I am very happy with today.


  1. Uh oh. Not to be the cynical bubble bursting person that I am, but I despise being an 11. Life was much better as a 9 or even a 5, when I still knew what the field was, and wasn't entangled in budget, senseless debates about how many square feet someone's cubicle is, or the terrifying prospect of an appeal. However, if you can keep the same duties and make more money, you rock.

    Another fun thing I discovered is that although I became an 11, because I now have no COLA, my net gain is only about $5000 a year. Joy and happiness!

    oops. Glad for you, sorry for vent.

  2. Hey, congratulations! Does this reduce the number of levels between you and the President by one?

  3. Mary--I am one of the lucky few 11's that don't have to supervise and still get to go to the field. It is beyond ideal. (Think Barth's position).

    Yeah, I hate that COLA is going away too. BOO.

    Jo--nope all that remains the same, I just get paid a bit more.

  4. If you ask me (note to self: she DIDN'T ask me), you are only one level below the pres. And, YES, THIS comment IS because I am the mawm.

  5. I have been recommended for the same position as you (GS-11, non-supervisory, field soil scientist). Everybody knows that's as good as it gets! Congratulations, it's about time you got the 11.

  6. Chris! That is SO AWESOME. I agree that non-supervisory field going position is ideal in gov't world.

    Are you still in CA?