Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in the saddle

Every time I hear/say back in the saddle I think about the Ween song, "Waving my d*** in the wind." I don't really know why, but that number really makes me think about getting things done and back on track. Plus, the swears always make me laugh. (Ahem, I warned my mom that I have a potty mouth when we began her bathroom remodels. She didn't believe me until I let loose an especially meaningful SOB when I dipped my pantleg in vinyl glue. Then she said that I swore like a sailor. It was a Hallmark moment.)

We returned last night to a warm house with more than 200 pounds of luggage. It's always a game for us, trying to get a lot of stuff--but not too much--back home after a bout of lower-48 living. This time we had to bring more than 50 pounds of tools back plus a HVLP (High volume low pressure) paint sprayer and a welder. There wasn't even any room for my new salts and spices. Those were mailed along with several new movies. I won't tell you which movies they were because they are all embarrassingly bad action-adventure movies.

The biggest tragedy is I forgot the pint jar of preserved lemons I made 3 weeks ago. I was so looking forward to making a lemon curry with them. I need a box of meyer lemons sent to me STAT.

Our flight out of CA was super early and our flight to AK was pretty late so we took the shiny new Seattle light rail downtown. I love public transportation. We ended up at a lighting store and bought an exterior sconce for the apartment (maybe it will be installed today!) and looked at the huge variety of low-voltage cable halogen systems. It's pretty like candy and expensive like jewelery. I will spend all the potential jewelery money of my life to buy all the gorgeous glass and steel sconces and pendants.

And now I'm back at work, staring down a number of fun projects. I am also sick. Airport always gets me a bit sick since I live in an isolated bubble islands. But it's deer stir fry tonight and a salmon something tomorrow. It will be nice to eat regular stuff again. My digestive system needs it.


  1. Funny that you consider venison and salmon "regular stuff."

    Nice meeting you when you were down!

  2. Joanne--you too! hope your brother's sweater goes well.

  3. Oh, no! You meant to take home the Meyer lemon?! I think the pesto was meant to stay here??