Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopping for pants

I am currently in the Fabulous Bay area visiting my family. Whee. Today my mom and I went to Ikea, to the mall, and ate some Cambodian food. (OMG I DREAM ABOUT THIS PLACE WHEN STUCK IN MY TINY ALASKAN ISLAND TOWN. Chez Sovan is the best place EVER.) If you do go to Chez Sovan, order the watercress salad. It is amazing.

The foray to the mall was to buy actual clothes from an actual store for me. I have not bought new clothing from a store that didn't also sell camo or lumber for a few years. This is a relatively foreign experience. Mom got me a gift certificate to the Gap for my 30th birthday. I was pretty excited but I have no idea what size I am in the real world. I can tell you what size slicks I wear (small) and the size of Carhartt pants (30x30) but nothing else.

Turns out I'm a 4. This is nearly meaningless because clothing sizes are not standard among manufactures. This is endlessly frustrating for someone who needs to shop online if they want to stay even remotely in fashion. (not that I do, but there are only so many more years I can coast on the thriftstore chic.)

Also, wtf jeans makers. Why is there spandex in all of your already-too-thin denim? Also, why are they all super tight through the thighs and loose around the butt? And, why do they need to be pre-distressed? I can distress them by actually wearing them. I am a cranky old coot from Alaska.

I didn't end up with any jeans because they were kind of meh. Most of them had those weird wear marks around the hips/crotch area that feel like they're shouting, "HEY! look at my cooter! Did I zip my fly?!" Not a fan.

Better luck next time (in another 3 years).

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