Monday, November 30, 2009

The Magnificent Seven

In honor of the TV show that we never knew existed staring, among other people, Ron Pearlman as a gunslinging preacherman here are 7 things I did recently:

  1. Cut one of my fingers wide open when carving the turkey on Thanksgiving. Fortunately, my blood didn't overwhelm the delicious briney goodness of our Turkey.
  2. Bought a new washer and dryer for the apartment. I guess Black Friday deals also work over the interweb at Home Depot. WHOO BETTER WASHING MACHINE THAT DOESN'T WIGGLE THE ENTIRE BUILDING.
  3. Read books at the library about how people "manage" to live in houses that are less than 3,000 sf. Oh, and all the cute design-y elements that help them live in said confinement.
  4. Found tile I really like: (it's 12 in x 24 in porcelain tile) below.
  5. Emptied my dehumidifier daily. It fills up every day, to its 6 gallon capacity. I am amazed at the moisture up here, still.
  6. Paid our really huge electric bill. Our all-electronic radiant heat has been on for only about 1 month and it is sucking the juice. We like to go outside and watch the little meter spin. It's like throwing money down a toilet and watching the coins swirl. WHEE.
  7. Moved 20 5-gallon buckets of drywall mud we had delivered. Each bucket weighs 62 pounds so I managed to move 1,240 pounds of mud. This is about 9.5 times my body weight. In doing this I pulled my right bicep. Oh, and as an added bonus they almost had to use the child's blood pressure cuff on my at the doctor today because the adult one seemed a bit too big. (I didn't tell them about my awesome mud-bucket work, though.)

Isn't that tile neat? I want to get it for my house. love love love.

Oh, and the magnificent seven was sort of awesome/terrible. All the tired western drivel, but some key actors from Northern Exposure were there. I don't care what they do, Maurice will always be Maurice (even on One Tree Hill or whatever) and Holling will forever be Holling (Heard he started working on stage again? Maybe?).


  1. I agree! Love the tile!

  2. I wish it cost lest than $3.25/foot or 6.50/tile. Champagne taste.

  3. Did you get stitches on your finger? Are you OK?
    -tDF's MIL

  4. Fine. It was a shallow dig. Nothing requiring an trip to the emergency