Friday, October 16, 2009

Someone at JoE is getting cute

Ok, so JoE is The Journal of Ecology. As a nerd (and certified scientist) I read a lot of journals. I would list them all but I don't want you to nod off before I get to the punchline. Two articles in Vol 97 Issue 6 are:

"Socialism in soil? The importance of mycorrhizal fungal networks for facilitation in natural ecosystems"

"Parasite-grass-forb interactions and rock-paper-scissor dynamics: predicting the effects of the parasitic plant Rhinathus minor on host plant communities"

Right? Crazy! This is what passes for comedy in my dork-sphere. But honestly, have we really evaluated the political structure in the complex microbial relationships in the soil? Do we really understand school-yard hierarchy of the grass-forb communities?

Oh my gosh I missed one:

"Parasitic plants as facilitators: more Dryad than Dracula?"

Who are these people?


  1. I actually think that's pretty awesome. It's not nerdy at all to be compelled by a specialized area and to find it intriguing rather than banal. I was always hot for nerds in high school, because frankly the ability to converse and have knowledge-transfer is WAY sexier than 6-pk abs.