Monday, October 26, 2009

Rhubarb cake

Talking to my mom one day (Hi, Mom) we started in on all the stuff I grew this past year. She began reminiscing about some sort of rhubarb cake her grandma used to make. A thin, moist cake studded with diced rhubarb. I decided I needed the recipe because, hey, I grew an absolute crap-load of rhubarb this year. And, my great-grandma was awesome.

Not that I remember her, I visited back in '82 when I was a three-year-old curly haired thing. What I have are all the stories my mom tells about Grandma Viola. Gosh, she was a salty no-BS woman. I think I would have adored her.

This cake, it turns out, it terrific! It is a really simple brown sugar cake made from both shortening and butter. (The recipe says 1/2 cup shortening, part butter). I think they used a lot of shortening in rural Wisconsin back in the day. I prefer buttery butter, but I'm willing to cede to my elders. It also only contains 1 egg, in typical frugal midwestern manner. (Also, I've been sort of fascinated with Vegan baking and think I could successfully convert this recipe, maybe.) The rhubarb is folded in at the very end. A topping of white sugar and cinnamon was sprinkled over the top.

It was very nice. I'm making it again tonight with come cod thingy. Photo!


  1. Yum yum, yummy yum. I made a great strawberry rhubarb pie with a non-wheat crust earlier this summer.

  2. Awesome! This is almost like a coffee cake.