Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Octobers

I know I've crabbed about how slow and dumb people (me) get in the winter. What you may not know is the stupidity gets turned on October 26. Like a lightswitch. Monday was officially the first day of winter for me. I got a reasonable amount of sleep the night before, but I just couldn't drag my rear out of bed before 7:30. The absence of morning light just encourages hibernation.

No matter how much sleep I get or how early I go to bed, I don't wanna get up. It is just so hard (*sob*). It is not seasonal affective disorder (SAD), because I'm not depressed. Or maybe it is because all I want to do is stay in bed and watch Monarch of the Glen. Who knows. These brain cobwebs make me say and write incredibly stoopid things. At home, it's not a big deal. At work, it's slightly a bigger deal. If I didn't have to function at work, I would just go with it and really revel in the strange mind space. Unfortunately, the good people who employ me actually expect me to function for at least the time they pay me for (minus breaks).

I hear exercise helps. I guess it's time to start running again. Maybe I need a happy light. or some Dawn Therapy. Perhaps just a strict bacon diet.

Totally off subject: Ever been confronted with the 4 Generations In The Workplace talk? Here at my Congressionally-mandated PC workplace we had a training on this very subject. It sort of turns out that I am everyone's example of Generation-Y. (I did not attend the training, I had actual work to do.) Strange things afoot here in this office. We are all intergenerationally sensitive now.

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