Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Because I am a lamecake, I didn't buy tickets to the local adult Halloween party (the Stardust Ball). I made up for it by dressing up at work. I am a sparkly fairy princess with Tinfoil wings!

And shoes I bought in Nice a lifetime ago. Oh, and a duct tape wand. Yay! recent picture of me that's not in the field covered with durt (dirt).


  1. HAHAHAHAHA love it. (Though the office in the background made me shudder). I however am going to an adult halloween at the brewpub. Going as the oldest living Girl Scout, complete with cookies.

  2. Niiice. I was in dispatch. The kinder, gentler part of the office. (Michelle was a cowgirl)

  3. the most awesome sparkly fairy princess ever!!!

  4. To echo MIL: Tres gorgeous, sparkly, cutest, ever, ever!
    -tDF's MIL