Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chez money pit

It has been an amazingly beautiful fall. Clear, cool days in September and October are the rarest of gems here. Typical fall weather is continuous rain under overcast skies that effectively shorten the day by 2 hours. Saturday we couldn't resist cleaning up the yard and putting the garden to bed instead of insulating the house. (I sort of am hating fiberglass.)

Yes, insulating. It is a step that means we have installed all the plumbing, heating, venting, electrical, and av systems. It means we can close up the walls and being to heat the place. The house part of our building has been an unheated since it was erected in 2006. I am excited.

The above picture is one of the 2 manifold banks for our supply plumbing. We're using pex in a home run configuration. It saves on copper soldering and there are no fitting that can break in the walls (we hope). Soon this will all disappear behind insulation and drywall. Soon there won't be exposed studs, just nice clean walls.


Until then, we'll continue to hemorrhage money at the local hardware store. Actually, we'll be bleeding into them much after drywall. IT NEVER ENDS. Gah. until there's drywall we have to spend glorious days like this past weekend inside rather than camping in the alpine in our new tent. Boo.

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