Monday, September 28, 2009


I haven't quite disappeared, though sometimes I feel like I would melt in the rain (since I'm made of sugar and other melty things). Considering the amount of time I spent in the subterranean world under our house I should have been absorbed into the gravel. But, I digress. What I really wanted to talk about is Sushi. We made some!

Granted, it's not the prettiest sushi at the prom, and the sashimi is admittedly chunky. But we made it with Local Wild Alaskan Salmon. The rolls are made with Sockeye and the sashimi is Coho. They both were very nice and clean tasting. I hope we don't end up with worms as a result. (Everything has been frozen for at least 3 weeks prior to this adventure so don't worry, Mom!) This, however, will be our only foray into salmon sushi this year. It remains "fresh" in the freezer for only about a month and skunky sushi is not something I want to try.

I think there is some skill to making nice rolls, skills I don't really have yet. The flavors were correct but the presentation needs work. I do declare a special workshop for me and my sushi needs. It will have to be with pickled veggies and cooked fish. Maybe some miso-broiled rock fish?

Further successes were found in my miso soup with home made Dashi and a sesame-miso dressing for our salad. The terikayi chicken was meh, but I learned that the broiler on my new oven is the suck. The evening was rounded out with a viewing of Big Man Japan--a movie about a Japanese superhero/monster battler. It wasn't that good.

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