Friday, September 25, 2009

End of field season

It's not raining. It's raining. (All southeast people nod in agreement). We passed the equinox. Things be dying (or turning colors for those of you with color-turning vegetation). I went on my last field trip of the season. It was on Prince of Wales. Oh, holy heck did it rain.

This trip was not only a field trip but a "field trip" where all of the bureaucratic importants (I am not one of them) stand around and talk in torrential downpours. These are not for the faint of heart. Picture 3 days of corralling 25 people in 6 vehicles, changing in and out of waders, standing on slipper logs, talking about holistic synergy (not a joke or something I made up), and getting back in the trucks and going somewhere else. All punctuated by evening of heavy, expensive drinking at the bar. So days 2 and 3 begin hungover. Fun!

Actually, they are nerdily interesting but it's very important to dress warmly--for all the standing around and to bring lots of snacks. You could call these forays junkets just like all of us bureaucrats.

What does fall mean to all of you? I've got a winter of database management fun.


  1. Shoot, well, it used to mean pushing the season and getting stuck out with Barth at Sisters Lake. Ah the smell of a burning foam pad..but NOW, I am kayaking on a lake in 87 degrees, and backpacking. Weird.

  2. 87 degrees? wow. This may not be the end of the season. Folks are threatening field work for some thinning at False Island--field work thru november!