Monday, August 17, 2009

Summers end

The weather round these parts changes abruptly. Last week was sunny in the 70's. Last weekend was a moderate 62 and rainy. Yesterday, it rained 2 inches in 24 hours. This is defined as pissing down rain. (Forgive the swears, but there really isn't any other way to describe this phenomenon.

All of my greens have become quite bitter. I don't know how much longer I can eat on them. It makes me sad. I love having a yard full of eats. My carrots, however, are the awesome. I may try putting some up, but they are just so darn good right out of the ground. There were more beet-related shenanigans but I won't bore you with that. Let's just say it's red beets vs. golden beets and him vs. me.

We spent the weekend debating the merits of purchasing 1200 board feet of Mahogany. Do we or don't we? We shall see. It would be a lot of money but then we would have Mahogany doors in our house. (Oh, and it's not Mahogany around here it Rich Maaahawwwghaneeee). I know my husband and so we'll probably buy this.

My last little brain dropping is about shortbread. I'm working on an herbed shortbread without much success. I started with a sage recipe from Bon Appetite. It was pretty salty from the 1 T of kosher salt. I switched to regular salt and reduces to 1/2 t and used lavender and lemon zest. It was like eating soap. I would never admit this to tDF, but they were kind of gross. I guess I can spend the winter playing with butter-based recipes.

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