Thursday, August 20, 2009

My awesome tomorrow

Know what I get to do tomorrow? I get to crawl under the house and spray the mold that's growing on our floor joists with Bleach! So. Fun.

Also, did you know that several cats crapped under our house before it was sealed up? They did!

So no matter what you are doing it is better than: Using a vacation day for something that is decidedly not a vacation, waking up early, crawling around in the damp dark, laying on your back on pointy rocks, spraying chemicals upward, touching fossilized cat poo, or Rocking the Tongass.

Incidentally, rocking the Tongass means I sing. This is way worse for people other than me. I am really looking forward to the stadium rocking hits of the mid-80's that I've heard many times before.



    Miss your brand of craziness/fun/irreverance. Have found no kindred souls here but have hope. Send salmon.

  2. You crack me up!