Friday, August 7, 2009


Lilies are the awesome. Especially when you're rooting around the dumpster and find 3 bags of new-in-the-package lily bulbs. Oh, hell yes. Dumpster lilies.

We first only took one bag of the discarded bulbs, took them home and planted them. Then, we returned to retrieve all bags of dumpster lilies because, why not?

Looka my dumpster day lilies:
This sunny, warm summer has been a boon to my garden.
This is my favorite flower of all time, pretty much due to Peter Pan, and the horrid racial stereotypes of native folks. I would make my friends play Peter Pan all the time as a kid and I would always get to be Princess Tiger lily (Wendy was not as cool as Tiger lily). There are 16 more buds on this stalk. Sigh. Love.

Bulbs are so awesome because they pretty much take care of themselves. I feel like I'm good at growing stuff when the plants to all the work.

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