Friday, August 7, 2009

2 boats+1 boat -1 boat = 2 boats!

I have so much to blog, you guys. I have been having the most wonderfullest time frolicking in the sunshine, drinking Scotch, admiring Lilies, and watching the unholy eyesore of a crappy fiberglass "boat" get cut up.

Why would we get rid of this fine vessel that we bought for the price of $200? It's red, after all, and it has a pointy end and a flat end. The bottom is even sort of vee-shaped. Look at those barnacles! Whee! Well, we got a better boat. One that's made of actual metal (aluminium) that will likely float. This boat was free. Yes, free as the wild buffalo. Voila:
I will now let the pictures say the words that I cannot. Begone foul boat.
Look at how happy he is to cut this thing apart.
My F-I-L was super stoked that he could demo this horror.

Dirty nasty awful ugly. Complete with a little black cesspool of virusbacteriaspawn that was discovered with a sawzall.

Because everything is a huge joke, it will actually cost more to dump this hacked apart pile of fiberglass 'n foam than we bought it for.

I do not care. I have scotch. The remedy for caring!
Cheers! (Yes, my fingernails have dirt under them and my cuticles are grody. I don't get manicures because I dig in the dirt for a living. But, I don't care because: Scotch.)

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