Thursday, July 30, 2009

Words that rhyme with goat

This is for you. You know who you are.

Moat Vote Coat
Sloat Wrote Stoat
Scrote Dote Smote
Pote Note Grote
Gloat Tote Bloat
Float Boat Rote

Some of these may not actually be words.


  1. Let's not forget terra haut and creosote!

  2. I found you! Love the rhymes! I'm going to start my own blog and give you the link so you can see my oregon trail hag posts!

  3. Yay Mary! Glad you found my nerdblog.

    hee oregon trailhag.

  4. Nice list. I'm writing the lyrics for a homemade political ad, and I was looking for some rhyming words.

    Uncle Sam sings:

    Greedy Old P***** got me by the throat!
    Help me shake them off! You got to vote!

    Your homeroom teacher won't take your note?
    Tell 'er that you're late because you had to vote!

  5. dunno wot this is i wz just tryin 2 find some rhyming words 4 goat coz im writing a poem 4 english for homework and it is 9 in da night and it is due 4 tomz lol help!

  6. btw who is muskeg harpy anyway lol no joke i realy dont know anyway g2g