Monday, July 6, 2009

Salad Champloo

I got home from Yakutat at about 11pm on Wednesday. I was wrecked, but still had to work on Thursday. Should you care? No, not really but it was in this frazzled state of mind that on Friday I made a totally silly, delicious salad out of an assortment of random pantry items and stuff from my Garden.

I called it the Salad Champloo after the incredible show Samurai Champloo that I watch all night on Thursday. It's my perfect anime--strange hip-hoppy music, Japanese History/mythology, a flying squirrel, and swords. I liked it so much I watched DVD twice and put the rest on my netflix list. Love.

Champloo, is a englishified Okinawan word for "something mixed." I guess what I came up with qualifies as mixed.

Most of Friday was spent blanching and freezing various greens for later. It's kind of a lot of work for a tiny wad of greens, but I hope it's worth it.

After nearly two weeks of crappy, starchy, preservative-laded field food I needed a salad. I made a nori-based dressing from Elizabeth Andoh's Washoku cookbook. I decided it wasn't salty enough so I added a dollop of white miso. My rocket (arugula) had just exploded in my little garden, so I snipped a bunch of that. (In a former life, I hated arugula. I am reformed.) I fried an egg and some sliced tomatoes, added some julienned Japanese pickled radishes. I mixed the whole shebang together in a large bowl. I loved it. The runny yolk mixed with the pungent miso, coating the fresh arugula and tomatoes.

I took a picture, but it looked like a gloppy mess so I won't burden you with a yummy/ugly salad picture.

Speaking of things that are strangely delicious: Cherry goo and jalapenos! I was making cherry filling for turnovers on the stove and making jerked chicken. At one point, after the turnovers were in the oven and I had just chopped a jalapeno I dipped my spiced finger in the cherry residue in the pot. Whoa. I now need to make a spicy cherry thing because that was terrific. I guess I've heard about the spicy-sweet combination before but I've never really been confronted with it. Ingredients here are generally pretty expensive so I tend to stick with safe "winner" recipes when I buy something like cherries or other stone fruit.

Time to be more adventurous.

Also: I made a complete mess of the kitchen and was chastised by my husband. "I've been trying to keep the kitchen cleaner now that it's done. You use more dishes in the 3 days that you're home than I use in the 10 days that you're gone. I guess you make better food than me but still. You are a slob."

Ha. And point taken.

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