Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's bear week, apparently

So I realized I've been talking about bears a lot. I guess they're on my mind and in my trash. I'll wrap up with my all time favorite photo I ever took of a bear. This is at Anan, during the amazing summer of 2004. Whenever anybody up here talks about the summer of '04 they get a wistful look in their eye and they sort of sigh. The weather was unbelievably good that summer. Hot. Dry. Amazingly unlike Southeast Alaska. Conversely, if you talk about the summer of 2006 you get dirty looks. Nobody likes to remember the crap summer.

Back to Anan...It's a wildlife observatory on the mainland, nearest to Wrangell. We used to live in Wrangell and my brother spent a few seasons working at Anan. What makes this place remarkable isn't really the bears, it's the pink salmon. There are so many that they look like rocks.
All that dark stuff is a huge school of humpies. This place smells like a cannery/outhouse.
I know all of you are wondering what my brother looks like. Here he is in the hottest leftover 30-year-old USFS garb. The pants are America's best high-waisted polyester sea foam bell bottoms. The shirt is a less offensive cottony number. He's packing both a shotgun and pepper spray. (My brother needs nothing but his awesome clapping skills to get a bear off the trail and out of his way.) There's a radio stuck to his shoulder too, for some communicating. HAAA. I love this picture. The workers at Anan got to name all the new bears, and my brother named a pair of young brown bears Walter and Donny after the Dude's bowling teammates.

I'm sure I'll hear all about this. At least I didn't post the picture of tDF trying to start the kicker on our piece-of-crap bayliner. Oh you want a picture of our shiz boat too? You got it.
My friends, that is some orange Naugahyde making up the canopy. We were able to purchase this boat after some guy ran off with an 18-year-old and his wife started selling off all of his stuff. Win!

Back to bears. I guess this is a set up for the most magical, majestic, rugged, individualistic, natural, special, wild, free picture of a bear you will ever see.
That's a tapeworm.


  1. Speaking of bears, don't forget about the wonderful treasure you found in the ice chest that came with that boat...

  2. Remember how pissed Z was when we threw it away?