Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is Peaches. She is really cute but not very smart. Tho she isn't is a dumb as my Dad's dachshund who will chase a laser (like a cat. I can make him spin in circles until he is dizzy). Peaches likes to fetch rocks. We like to throw small pieces of wood down our driveway to get her to do endos. (Fetching rocks is bad for her teeth so I don't throw them for her). My Brother especially loves this.

Peaches, originally uploaded by Chez Foss.

This entire post is for you, Brother.

the Dirty Fisherman always calls her Peaches O'Houlihan.

Once she came into our house, crawled up on our bed and went to sleep. This was after a pretty long work trip for me, so I wondered what my husband had been up to.


  1. Hey, is Peaches yours? Cause Piper and her will have a blast!

  2. No, she is our neighbor's little funny dog. I thought of Piper when I was writing this.