Monday, June 1, 2009

My kitchen: a love story

I spent my first weekend with a totally kitted out kitchen. It's been nearly 4 years since I've seen all of my ("our") cooking-related junk. I have spent so much time cooking that I haven't even managed to clean it, hence the lack of fotos.

I also have foody type stuff to talk about. I cooked the last of last year's salmon (some lovely necker bay sockeye that tDF calls slime eel). We made a whole rack of ribs over an actual fire. I used our blender like 3 whole times. I also made my very favorite cherry galette (It's a Martha Stewart Magazine recipe that is too perfect to corrupt with my "improvements.")

But first the place that makes my world go-round. My kitchen.

Building a house is a series of compromises and make-dos. We refer to this as turd polishing. Most of the materials that finished out our apartment were something else entirely. Or just garbage. The fantastic trim around our windows came from a WWII era building that was demolished by a landslide. Our floor was salvaged out of a house that was being torn down to make way for another glorious Sitka Mansion. The list goes on.

There, you can see the fir trim, the salvaged floor. The door was constructed out of some Sitka Spruce slabs we bought off of some guy. That is one shiny turd.

Our kitchen cabinet doors were purchased at a yard sale for a song. (We tried to buy door from our local home store but the quote was $0.50 per square inch. After we stopped laughing we left because oh my holy pants was that too much money.) At a spending orgy in Juneau we found a really nice cabinet maker that was willing to sell us some cherry boards for cost. We picked up the plywood for the carcasses at the same spending trip. Our counters are also a home depot purchase. The sink is from a garage sale. It's used but nobody can notice (you better not if you ever come visit and see our sink). That faucet that I love cost almost as much as the cherry for all the cabinets. The hinges are from Ikea. The brass hardware is from a habitat for humanity restore.

Moral of the story is that there is a lot of stuff that goes into the kitchen. I won't even talk about all the speshul screws needed, or the half moon lazy susan slidey thing, or the drawer glides. The list goes on and on. I have to give all the props to my amazing husband who took a cluster of materials and made a custom kitchen to my specifications. This guy is one amazing human.

the "before" shot

after, with a stove way nicer than I have any business of having.

other side (forgive the blurriness, I was jittery with joy)

It only took a year.

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  1. OMG! That is beautiful! I am jittery for you with joy too!