Friday, June 5, 2009


I am completely, totally jealous of all the lucky skunks who got to go out fishing this week. The later-than-usual King run is here and they are thick.

The motor for our skiff is old and unreliable. The 15 hp dinky doo Evinrude has been around since the mid-80's (it was tDF's grandfather's motor for a skiff they kept in Catalina). There's only so many times you can fix an engine with a hammer and carb cleaner before you have to Let It Go. Our bigger glassply (named S'crappy because it really is) needs some parts to get it going. We have a motor, trailer and hull. Now all we need are all the things that connect them all. Do you know where I can purchase a wiring harness for a 1998 Johnson/Evinrude 115 hp 2-stroke? Yeah. me neither.

In short we don't have fish because our boats are in parts in our tacky-ass yard. Also, we are really bad about going up to people and asking to go with them. I feel really ackward about that. (Is it polite to invite yourself along? If you offer to buy lunch/gas is is better? Thinking about this gurgles up all the Bad Memories from childhood/growing up where I was the third wheel. No likey.)

But I want some fish.

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