Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fish, crab and excavators

I went to Prince of Wales again. This time it was to watch excavators whack the holy moley out of old growth timber for stream restoration. It's pretty tough getting really upset over the incredible site disturbance when there is something as cool as an excavator knocking over a tree.

In my one day off, my friend Scott (hi, Scott) took me out fishing. We (he) caught a halibut and we caught 6 crabs, 3 of which were legal. It's been a few years since I've had fresh Dunginess Crab. They were simply boiled and consumed with lots of garlic butter. (sigh)
Look at those cranky li'l things!
Here's me with a crab. Scott was making some crack or another. We were goofy silly after having found a treasure trove of Milwaukee's Best Ice at a cabin. (No, we sobered up before boating--SAFETY but still had the giddiness of finding free beers somewhere even if those beers were Milwaukee's Best Ice.)
That's Scott. He's giving me the you-are-a-nutter look that everyone seems to give me.

In between Halibut fishing and crabbing, we visited a new cabin on a nearby island. It was really beautiful there. The tide was out and so we saw a few little crabs and starfish. The purple ones are my very favorite.
That is such a casual pose. Like she's reclining on here sunnin' rock. After we looked at the marine life we sat on some driftwood and watched the world go by. The world here was a lone little bastard of a mink that made a play for the halibut that was cooling off the side of the boat. That little so and so. I wasn't having it so I took off after the little bugger, somewhat buzzed from Milwaukee's Best. Ole minkey was pretty persistent and I had to chase him more than once. Scott took a couple of pictures of me chasing a 2 pound critter.
That's me chasing a ferret-sized furry thing. I was lucky I didn't take my teeth out on one of the logs.

It was fun. I think we're going to start a blog about the restoration work that is going on up here. The new administration is really open to the social networking thing and twitter. It's an interesting move in bureaucrat-land.

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